What We Provide

Undergarment Kits
School Supply Kits
School Uniforms
Toiletry Kits
Diaper/Pull Up Kits
Feminine Hygiene Kits

Blossom thrives by restoring confidence and stability to children through our resources. Our essential workers are committed to engage and advocate for children in the community. Therefore, when children in need enter the courtroom, classroom, hospital, or pediatric appointments, our advocates have the ability to electronically request resources immediately. We strive to fulfill those requests within 24 hours by delivery or pickup service to those in need. 

Throughout the year, Blossom provides Financial Literacy as well as Social Media Benefits and Risk forums to educate our pre-teens and teenagers. We collaborate with other local nonprofit organizations to meet the needs of our community. In addition, we provide referrals for early childhood education programs, tutoring assistance, social workers, behavioral and mental health counselors; as well as, nutritional and developmental classes for our young parents. 

Our mission is devoted to support children and families placed in temporary foster care homes, domestic violence shelters, sudden death or loss of a primary caregiver, or those displaced due to environmental disasters i.e., hurricanes, floods, or fires. Starting this 2023 Hurricane Season, Blossom will provide resources to help our community during a declared state of emergency.